Utangard NTP Server Information

Utangard NTP Landing
Source: GPS Disciplined NTP Server System: OPNSense Firewall | Protectli FW4B w/Coreboot | LibreSSL Firmware

Expected Response from NTP Query: Stratum 2 Response | IPv4 could rate limit | IPv6 will always respond

Sample Response:
$ntpdate -q utangard.net
18 Mar 06:43:41 ntpdate[4108570]:
server, stratum 2, offset +0.001105, delay 0.14989.
server 2600:3c04::f03c:92ff:fec6:2030, stratum 2, offset +0.000866, delay 0.15018
18 Mar 06:43:41 ntpdate[4108570]: adjust time server 2600:3c04::f03c:92ff:fec6:2030 offset +0.000866 sec

For more accurate time synchronization, NTP to this server:

URL: utangard.net


IPv6: 2600:3c04::f03c:92ff:fec6:2030

Exact Location:

(withheld for privacy reasons)

Approximate Location:

Latitude: 41.123889°; 41° 7′ 26″ NORTH
Longitude: -111.972778°; 111° 58′ 22″ WEST
Altitude: 1,459.6 metres; 4,789.2 feet

Current Conditions: Weather.gov 
Current Weather Camera:
Current conditions camera:
Calculation Methodology: Calculation of your local timezone offset is done by comparing your system clock against the UTC clock time which comes from the utangard.net server. It is subject to error if your local clock is improperly set and can be also entirely wrong if your clock is fast and recently past the top of the hour. The offset calculation can usually be corrected by reloading this page. All times on this page are offset by the inherent loading time of the web. If you want accuracy, use NTP. Most modern systems have built-in NTP support and synchronizing to utangard.net STRATUM 2 is open to the public. STRATUM 1 IS RESTRICTED ACCESS 

Server Time (Juliet|Tango|UTC-7|Mountain Time|Denver, CO United States)

UTC Time (Zulu|GMT|Coordinated Universal Time|Greenwich, England)

Time Zone Calculation Information:

Alpha|Central European Time|Paris, France UTC +1 November|Central African Time|Azores UTC -1
Bravo|Eastern European Time|Athens, Greece UTC +2 Oscar|Greenland Time|Godthab, Greenland UTC -2
Charlie|Middle East Time|Moscow, Russia UTC +3 Papa|Brazil Eastern Time|Buenos Aires, Argentina UTC -3
Delta|Near East Time|Kabul, Afghanistan UTC +4 Quebec|Canada Newfoundland Time|Halifax, Nova Scotia UTC -4
Echo|Pakistan Lahore Time|New Delhi, India UTC +5 Romeo|Eastern Time|New York, NY United States UTC -5
Foxtrot|Bangladesh Time|Dhanka, Bangladesh UTC +6 Sierra|Central Time|Dallas, TX United States UTC -6
Golf|Vietnam Time|Bangkok, Thailand UTC +7 Juliet|Tango|Mountain Time|Denver, CO United States UTC -7
Hotel|China Taiwan Time|Beijing, China UTC +8 Uniform|Pacific Time|Los Angeles, CA United States UTC -8
Indigo|Japan Time|Tokyo, Japan UTC +9 Victor|Alaska Time|Juneau, AK United States UTC -9
Kilo|Australia Eastern Time|Sydney, Australia UTC +10 Whiskey|Hawaii Time|Honolulu, HI United States UTC -10
Lima|Solomon Time|Honiara, Solomon Islands UTC +11 X-Ray|Midway Islands Time|Nome, AK United States UTC -11
Mike|New Zealand Time|Wellington, New Zealand UTC +12 Yankee|Fiji Time|Suva, Fiji UTC -12